kickstarter week one

June 20th, 2018

kickstarter project update:

It’s been one week since we launched our kickstarter campaign and were already at 27% of our goal.
I’d like to thank the folks that have pledged to help me get this record out, every contribution amount helps.








when you get to the kickstarter campaign page scroll down to see all of the wonderful rewards being offered.

keep spreading the word about this fantastic vinyl LP project.
-wes hollywood

If you would like to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier, simply click the “Manage your pledge” button that appears next to your pledge amount and then select “Change your pledge” on the following page and your pledge amount will update automatically.
Alternatively, you may change your pledge amount within the reward tier modal.

Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded.

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